Adam Hurt

elegantly innovative clawhammer banjo


A selection of old-time tunes from people and communities whose legacy is preserved in their music. Featuring Beth Williams Hartness, Carl Jones, Marshall Wilborn, Stephanie Coleman, and Noam Pikelny.

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Solo Projects

Earth Tones (Ubiquitone, 2010)
Perspective (Ubiquitone, 2009)
Insight (Ubiquitone, 2006)
Intrigue (Copper Creek Records, 2002)


Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project (Clawhammer Mike Productions, 2012)
73rd Annual Old Fiddlers' Convention (Heritage Records, 2009)
Old Time Banjo Festival (Rounder Records, 2007)
Banjo in the Clawhammer Tradition (Jim Lloyd Productions, 2007)
Clifftop - Best of 2005 (West Virginia Division of Culture and History, 2006)
69th Annual Old Fiddlers' Convention (Heritage Records, 2005)


Inside Out with Megan Lynch Chowning (2016)
Angel's Perch film score with Chris Eldridge, Rayna Gellert, Paul Kowert, Dominick Leslie, and Kristin Andreassen (2013)
Can't Hold the Wheel by Brendan Taaffe and the New Line (2013)
Fine Times at Our House with Beth Williams Hartness (Ubiquitone, 2012)
Fiddle Gems by Kitty Amaral (2014)
Return by Kenny Smith (2011)
Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band (Appalachian Music Group, 2008)
Headin' Up Elk Creek by Jerry Correll (Heritage Records, 2008)
Banjo Talkin' by Cathy Fink (Rounder Records, 2007)
Time Machine by Dakota Dave Hull (Arabica Records, 2007)